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66 Cambridge St

Real Estate

We’re committed to investing in communities across the Northeast, bringing exciting new businesses and opportunities to entrepreneurs and community members alike.

A Trusted Community-Minded Partner

Owens Companies is a dynamic commercial and industrial real estate investor, continually evolving to deliver economic value for communities in Greater Boston. Our in-depth local knowledge of the markets in which we operate and our data-driven approach inform our investment decision-making, helping us to identify the most attractive cities and locations to invest in. We take an active ownership approach to management, nurturing and developing a strong business relationship between us and our property occupants.

We utilize diverse strategies to identify regions where we anticipate achieving superior results in the industrial and commercial real estate sector.

Our Strategy

We invest in commercial and industrial real estate due to the inherent stability and growth potential of these sectors. Our investment strategy is rooted in meticulous research, identifying properties with strong income potential, favorable market dynamics, and promising growth prospects. By leveraging our extensive experience and industry insights, we strategically acquire and manage properties to maximize returns for our investors. Our approach prioritizes long-term value creation, proactive asset management, and prudent risk management, ensuring sustainable growth and resilience in the ever-evolving real estate market.

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500 Huntington

Forging the Future

Partnerships Propel Real Estate Projects Forward

We recognize the critical role of partnerships in fostering opportunities and driving business growth. With a legacy spanning over a century, we've cultivated a robust network of strategic alliances, poised for enduring success.


Deep understanding of the local market and specialized knowledge within the sector



Specialized investments within sectors exhibiting promising growth opportunities



Emphasis on implementing strategies to safeguard against potential downsides



A team characterized by expertise, experience, and strong alignment



Integrating sustainability into risk and return analysis for informed decision-making



Guiding portfolio management with advanced operational expertise and technology

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Let’s Build Something Great

Whether you’re looking to build and sell a new commercial space or existing commercial or industrial real estate, connect with Owens Companies to bring your dream to fruition.

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